Mold Removal vs Mold Remediation: What's the Difference?

When it comes to mold removal vs. mold remediation and what the difference is, if you want to be safe, removal isn’t enough. If you have an issue in your home or residence, make sure you hire a specialist who can start with the source and do a thorough job.

What Mold Removal Means

If you see a small amount of mold on a wall in a damp area, in many cases, you can clean and remove it yourself. You’ll need to wear gloves and a respirator with goggles and work with bleach and a heavy-duty cleaner. But the actual mold removal is only part of the remediation process. If you want to ensure it doesn’t grow back or cause further damage, you need a remediation team that’s licensed and trained to tackle the problem.

The Extra Steps in Remediation

When you call in an expert to look at your mold, you can expect a multi-pronged approach that will include:

  • Testing. There are countless varieties of mold, some of them more hazardous than others. A mold remediation specialist will take samples of the air and surfaces to find out what mold is involved and determine the extent of the problem.
  • Identifying the source. Your technician will use tools such as borescopes and thermal imaging cameras to locate where the moisture is coming from, even if it’s between walls.
  • Repairing the problem. Getting rid of the mold is only a temporary solution unless you fix the source of the issue.
  • Isolating the mold. Technicians will seal the area so that no mold spores spread.
  • Cleaning. Your remediation specialist will use a variety of equipment to rid the area of mold, including chemical sprayers, HEPA vacuums, scrubbers, and more. Afterward, they will sanitize and seal infected surfaces.
  • Disposal. Any materials that can’t be salvaged will be disposed of safely.
  • Preventative recommendations. Your technician might advise you to keep track of the humidity levels in the building or to have a plumber inspect for additional leaks.

Removing All Doubt

How do you know if you need mold removal vs. mold remediation? The difference lies in thoroughness. Not every mold growth is something to panic about, but when you’re responsible for others who may be breathing in hazardous spores, you want the job done right. A remediation specialist such as Mold Only will ensure the issue is taken care of, from source to sanitization. If you need mold testing in Broward County, Florida, Mold Only will tell you exactly what you’re dealing with. No scare tactics, no overbilling—just a fair assessment and a comprehensive cleanup. Contact us for more information.

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