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Boynton Beach FL Mold Removal Services

Mold Only is a Boynton Beach FL mold removal specialist. We provide our services to homeowners, property managers, contractors, and others who have found mold, or have their suspicions about mold presence, in their property. If you’re trying to sell your home or you are starting to see health consequences from potential mold spore inhalation, it is key to contact a professional to test and determine if and what kind of mold is present.

If there is proof of mold on the property we can provide you with a quote for mold remediation services. 

Mold removal Services Boynton Beach

Health Hazards of Mold Exposure

Skin Irritation

Breathing Problems


Coughing & Sneezing

Long-Term Diseases

Mold Testing Boynton Beach FL

Addressing mold damage can be very challenging when it is not known what type of mold at hand. For that reason, Mold Only offers professional mold testing services to identify the exact type of mold in your Boynton Beach FL home or business. This mold testing will provide us with all the necessary information we could need in order to construct an effective mold remediation plan.

We collect both air and surface samples to determine what kind of mold is present in the affected areas and how concentrated the presence. Afterward, if you require a quote for mold removal, we can provide you one within 24 hours.

Mold Testing Boynton Beach

Our Mold Damage Cleanup Process

Because mold can be difficult to identify, often times you will need to hire an industrial hygienist to test the air quality for mold types and concentration. At Mold Only, we offer professional mold testing services. Understanding what types and amounts of mold we are dealing with will help instruct our plans for remediation and removal.

However, in many cases, pre-testing is not necessary. Priding ourselves on honesty, we will inform you if it is not necessary, explain why and save you that expense. See Our Difference page for more.

Mold is an airborne fungus that will cause major issues if disturbed, so removing the mold damaged materials is a job that has to be done very carefully. Our team of technicians will isolate the mold damage, build a negative air pressure, HEPA filtered containment barrier, then safely remove every bit of irreparably damaged materials and dispose of them according to the most recently accepted standards.

Mold spores travel through the air and land on virtually every surface. So when we are done removing the mold damaged materials, we will still need go through and clean up using an industrial cleaner to wipe down all of the surfaces within the affected area.

Mold Only stands apart from other companies by including mold post testing. This gives our client an advantage of feeling confident, knowing the job was successfully preformed. All mold samples are analyzed by a 3rd party, licensed and insured, certified lab.

Once the affected area has been thoroughly cleaned and the air quality has been tested to ensure the mold is effectively removed, our team can focus on making the necessary repairs to restore your property to its pre-loss condition.

How To Guarantee that Mold Does Not Return

Mold and humidity go hand in hand. If you have mold on your property, the majority of the time it is a direct consequence of excessive humidity on your property.  This humidity can come from a variety of sources like a leaky faucet, broken pipe, or faulty insulation. To ensure that it does not return further down the line, you will want to identify any and all spots where external air and moisture can leak into your home.

Mold can start developing the moment the general humidity levels on your property cross 50%. If you identified mold growing on your property, contact the licensed professionals at Mold Only to schedule mold testing or mold remediation in Boynton Beach, Florida.

Mold Removal Process Boynton Beach FL

Mold Remediation Boynton Beach FL

Mold Only is a specialized mold removal company servicing the Boynton Beach area and wider. Our team consists of highly trained and certified mold removal professionals that are happy to help you with this pesky problem. 

Mold remediation needs to be performed even if a small amount of mold is found on the property as it can easily spread. Mold is not only quite unsightly, but what is worse it is a very serious health risk.

To protect your property, your health and your belongings, call Mold Only now. We are #1 mold removal experts in Boynton Beach, Florida.

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Mold only doesn’t just rely on the expertise of our team members, but also on high-quality, advanced equipment. 

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