How to Handle Any Mold You Find During Home Renovations

Spotting mold growth as you renovate and remodel your home often grinds progress to a halt. After all, continuing to build would mean covering up an issue that only worsens with time. Let’s go over how to handle any mold you find during home renovations so that you can make home care decisions with confidence.

Find the Source of Moisture

The first step when you spot mold is always to start keeping an eye out for the source of moisture. Mold can only grow in damp environments, but even one small leak allows the fungus to thrive. Common causes of moisture include leaky faucets and cracks in the roof or ceiling.

If you’re renovating your bathroom, you’re more likely to find mold there than anywhere else. If you think the source of mold is only from the shower, it’s important to add a shower spray, squeegee, or dehumidifier into your daily routine. These tools help you dry the bathroom after use and pair best with soaking up dripped water with a hand towel when you spot it.

Contain the Area To Help Stop Cross-Contamination

Spotting significant mold growth after you start to take down a wall or pull up tile is daunting. However, if you continue to agitate the area with further renovations, you run the risk of spreading the mold spores into the air and throughout the home. Spreading spores leads to further mold growth as well as physical irritation for you and your family’s eyes, noses, and throats. It’s important to contain mold once you see it to prevent this cross-contamination. A quick, temporary solution is to seal off the moldy area with a plastic wrap or cover.

Contact a Professional Remediation Team

A great remediation team is crucial to handling any mold you find during home renovations. Once you’ve paused renovations and contained the mold as much as possible, it’s time to call in support. When done properly, mold remediation removes the mold entirely and equips you with the tools and knowledge necessary to prevent it in the future. The mold remediation process often takes less than a week (in some cases, only one day!), so working with an expert team allows you to get back to renovating sooner than later.

Running into mold during renovations can throw a serious wrench in your project plans. Our team at Mold Only offers mold remediation and mold testing to Delray Beach residents in need of honest, timely, and straight-to-the-point services. Contact us today for a free quote and to set your appointment as soon as possible. With a little help, you can get mold out of the picture and return to renovating your home in no time! The body content of your post goes here. To edit this text, click on it and delete this default text and start typing your own or paste your own from a different source.

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