Different Ways to Check Mold Levels in Your House

There are a handful of different ways to check mold levels in your house . Understanding what is and isn’t mold, along with mold types and concentrations, can help homeowners develop a plan of action for removing any harmful fungi from their property. If you notice a smell or visual signs of mold growth, investigate high-moisture areas, such as under your sink, in the bathroom, or in the basement. If you see further evidence of mold, do the following to determine if your home needs attention from a specialist.

Rule Out Alternatives

The first step homeowners may take when checking for mold in their homes is to rule out all alternatives. Our homes are clearly subject to the occasional mess, especially if we have children and pets. Dirt, dust, and insect waste can all imitate the organic growth pattern of molds. Therefore, carefully attempting to clean the suspect area can let you know if the issue is serious. Mold isn’t only more difficult to remove, but it will also come back after some time if you don’t remove it properly.

Mold and mildew have unique musty, damp smells. If the mold presence is especially significant, this smell will be obvious when entering the room or the home. It may be wise to bring a family friend in to see if they notice a smell, as you might become accustomed to the scent over time without realizing it.

Use a Test Kit

One option for testing mold in your house is to purchase an at-home mold testing kit. These kits come in a range of prices and typically measure mold on surfaces or in the air. If you already see what you think is mold, using one of these test kits can help you confirm that suspicion. However, not every test can specify the kind of mold growing in your home. Higher-end test kits may come with the option to send mold samples to an analysis lab for an additional charge to identify the type and spore concentration definitively.

Seek a Professional Opinion

The most efficient way to check mold levels in your house is to seek a professional opinion. If you can see or smell something that you believe is mold, it’s the right time to bring in experts to take swabs and air samples that they have the resources to test. A local team of professionals will prioritize your results and deliver them to you with a solution in mind.

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