Common Mistakes When Identifying and Cleaning Mold

Chances are you’ve seen more than one mold species in your life and have a good sense of what mold growth looks like. However, homeowners don’t always get the ID, or even the clean-up, right on their own. Let’s break down some of the common mistakes made when identifying and cleaning mold at home.

Common Identification Mistakes

Mold is a common occurrence in homes around the country. Still, with so many kinds of fungus thriving in the household environment, it’s not always possible to make a positive visual ID. There are many imposters throughout the house that look like mold to the untrained eye.

Pets (and adventurous kids) bring plenty of dirt into the bathroom that can end up in the tile grout. Similarly, anyone who has dyed their hair a darker color knows that the residue in the shower looks suspicious if not removed.

Substances in bedrooms can even appear as mold. Dark spots clustering in the folds of fabric, especially mattress edges, may look like the beginnings of black mold, but these spots are potentially bed bug litter.

Cleaning Errors Not To Make

There are also several mistakes DIY’ers make when removing and cleaning moldy areas in their house. Here are a few to keep in mind before removing mold on your own:

Incorrectly Using Bleach

Using bleach is a common go-to method for home mold removal, as bleach is an effective mold killer. However, a lot goes wrong when using chemicals. First, it’s important to wear adequate protection when using bleach. Opening windows is important, but the protective gear is necessary as well. Diluting bleach is necessary before using it as well. Always test your diluted solution on a small part of the surface you are cleaning to see if it causes further damage.

Not Addressing the Moisture Source

Removing and cleaning mold only makes a long-term difference if the source of moisture is addressed beforehand. Any leaks or wet spots continue to provide the necessary water for mold to return soon after it’s gone. While getting the mold spores out of your home is essential, preventing them in the future is as important.

How To Get It Right

The best way to avoid common mistakes in identifying and cleaning mold is to hire professional help. Mold remediation teams can properly test, remove, and identify the cause of mold with the right equipment and training.

At Mold Only, our testing services give you concise answers as to whether your home has mold and, if so, what kind. Documentation of mold growth empowers property buyers to negotiate fairly and homeowners to act with confidence. We encourage Florida residents in need of mold testing in Palm Beach County and neighboring areas to reach out to us. Our technicians help you get honest answers about mold in your home and work with a team dedicated to keeping your family safe.

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