4 Questions to Ask Your Mold Remediation Team

Mold remediation is necessary once you spot mold in your home, but knowing that doesn’t make trusting a company to work in your space any easier. Let’s go over four questions to ask your mold remediation team before you pick their company for the job.

What Licenses or Certifications Do You Have?

Not every state requires that mold professionals maintain licenses. However, mold remediation licensing is regulated in Florida. Even in states where a license isn’t required, you can still ask more about the team’s certifications or training. Once you have their answers, look up the listed credentials and ensure that their training matches your expectations. Always factor in experience and testimonials when you make your decision.

Do You Believe Mold Testing Is Always Necessary?

It may feel like a “gotcha” question, but this question is important to ask. The fact is that not every mold situation requires testing, and companies should admit that. Many companies in various repair industries still rely on trick tactics to get more money from their customers, so it’s necessary to find a company you are willing to trust. It’s crucial to find a company willing to talk honestly about necessary testing and services.

How Long Do You Expect the Process To Take?

While it might seem rude, it’s entirely fair to ask your remediation team for a general timeline for the process. After all, you need to know when things can safely get back to normal in your home. Many teams place deadlines for their process and work diligently to keep you posted on any delays as they go. Work with the team to determine a timeline that fits your schedule and needs when possible.

How Does Your Team Avoid Cross-Contamination?

Among the most significant reasons to hire a mold remediation company are the steps, they take to do a job completely and correctly. A major step in that process is isolating the mold before agitating it during removal. Agitation causes the release of mold spores that then settle on new surfaces or stay in your air. Your remediation team must have cross-contamination solutions built into their remediation process.

These four questions to ask your mold remediation team are a great place to start when approaching local mold removal companies. At Mold Only, we strongly believe in honesty and integrity. Our licensed and insured team of trained technicians works with you, not against you, to ensure your home is safe again. Contact us today to learn more about the Mold Only difference and get a free estimate without the exaggerated job costs. The body content of your post goes here. To edit this text, click on it and delete this default text and start typing your own or paste your own from a different source.

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